GIS Services


  • GIS & AM/FM
    GIS Landmark is experienced using multiple GIS platforms. We specialize in utility mapping which consists of many different services including full system inventories, system modeling, landbase creation, revisions, work order updates, circuit map creation, map conversion, raster to vector just to mention a few.
  • GIS Utility Mapping Services
    GIS Landmark provides GPS mapping and field inventory for all utility types. We also provide training and data dictionary setup for our clients in the case they prefer to perform the field work themselves. Our staff is experienced with a number of global positioning system (GPS) brands and manual facilities inventory techniques. Using the ESRI software family we are able to create user friendly forms for data collection to meet our individual client needs. Check out our NEW MobileMapping Service today!
  • Map Hosting
  • Mobile Mapping Services
  • Joint Use Inventory
    GIS Landmark provides detailed joint use inventory services for utility companies. We use the latest greatest technology along with skilled field technicians. In most cases we use the ESRI Collector App in the field to collect points and update the attribute data along with collecting current digital photos of each pole. We collect all required attribute information about the joint-use contacts and can provide this data in many different formats compatible with all GIS software platforms.
  • Meter Replacement
    GIS Landmark provides turnkey services to perform meter change-out programs that meet the requirements of our customers, as well as any regulatory agencies. We have worked with numerous clients to develop programs to achieve their service and budget goals. This effort is successfully accomplished with minimal disruption to the utility’s work environment and its valued customers and done with safety in mind at all times.
  • Data Maintenance
    Utilities often recognize that data maintenance is not a core competency within their operation and is, in fact, a distraction that keeps qualified people away from mission critical jobs. Data maintenance is like housework, it’s tedious, time consuming and is never finished. GIS Landmark provides a variety of data maintenance services for our clients. We have experience reading work orders for updating and understand most construction codes used by utility companies today. GIS Landmark can remote in to your server and update your GIS today!
  • Printing, Plotting, Scanning & Truck Map Creation
    At GIS Landmark we provide high quality B/W or color maps. We can plot many different sizes and on all types of paper (plain and glossy paper, vellum and transparent film) to fit your needs. We can plot large wall key maps for your main call center which comes in handy during outages. We also provide scanning services in B/W and color at a very high quality. We can produce truck maps at any size to use in the field and digital maps on CD for use on laptops.
  • Database Modeling Setup & Administration
    The GIS data model is a complex definition of each point, line and polygon in the system and identifies the relationships between those objects. Data stored in the database describes information about these objects and how they are managed in the GIS. The database design must be compatible with existing data, meet the needs of the organization, support end-user applications, be dynamic and grow with the system, and avoid duplication and redundancy. Database tables and fields must be designed to effectively integrate with other in house systems such as billing, engineering and trouble call packages. The data structures must be compatible in order to communicate from one application to another. GIS Landmark provides database design and administration services for our clients. We are experienced in preparing databases to correspond with all applications.
  • Custom Imagery
    Aerial and satellite imagery can improve your GIS system dramatically. It gives you the ability to automatically view subdivisions, rights of way, roads, waterways, buildings and facilities from your GIS system. Generally speaking imagery can be more current, less costly, and quicker to implement than traditional base mapping applications, particularly for larger service areas. Our image analysts are very experienced and can help you determine what is right for you.
  • Parcel Mapping
    GIS Landmark can build an accurate landbase using GPS ImageBASE as the first step in the process. Then we can scan the clients existing paper parcel maps into the mapping system and georeference to match the GPS ImageBASE. If Scanning isn’t an option then we have the ability to draw the parcel maps to scale manually using coordinate geometry (COGO) techniques, while georeferencing to the GPS ImageBASE as we go. We also link the parcel polygon to a database record for easy look up and management.
  • Custom Programming
    Once a GIS has been populated with data, end-users will need to access that data. Out-of-the-box GIS tools don’t always align with company operations and many utility company’s decide to develop specific programs (called applications) to assist staff updates and use the GIS data efficiently and effectively. In addition to company-specific applications, general GIS applications include tools designed to view and query the GIS data layers, generate predefined and ad hoc plots and reports, extract specific layers for project-specific work, and update, revise and maintain existing GIS data layers. GIS Landmark has the expertise to design and implement custom programs to fit our client’s needs for any of the GIS software applications.
  • Training & Support
    We provide an array of training and consulting services for our clients. The training services provided by GIS Landmark depend on the specific needs of the individual client. We have a professional staff that has years of experience in many different aspects of GIS and utility mapping.
“We at Washington Electric are pleased with the work GIS Landmark completed for us. They are professional, courteous, and live up to expectations. They also provide excellent support after the sale of collection. I would recommend them to anyone interested in completing a thorough field inventory.”
Nathan Whitacre
Washington Electric Cooperative
GIS Services